Hi, I’m Gmarellile !

Hello World!

.:: Each pixel counts ::.

My name is Mongi AYOUNI, Creative Art Director & UI Designer from Tunisia.

I believe in digital communication.
I believe in brands and how to value it.
I believe in the challenge.

I believe a story can be brought to life with the right combination of copy, images, and animation. Every story deserves a unique approach to reach people in an engaging way.

My interests in many different fields have helped me to stay curious, open and flexible. These attributes have been essential in the concept of digital ideas.

What makes me different

  • I’m looking creatively to problems from different perspectives.
  • Each pixel counts.
  • I’m able to design products that visually fit into a brands identity.

In Febrary 2015, I have been chosen among the top 5 most appreciated graphic designers on behance Tunisia.

UIX ( User Interface Experience ) 0

Adobe Experience Design 0

Art Direction 0

Photoshop 0

Illustrator 0

Flash / Animate 0

Video & Motion 0

Management 0

Mongi is able to create a good synergy and a good professional atmosphere.

Mongi is a person with whom I succeeded in accomplishing many projects, he is able to create a good synergy and a good professional atmosphere. He is a good friend besides that he is an ex-colleague. His dynamism, good humor, and professionalism will bring him very far. Good luck Monguigui!


Digital Marketing Manager - Orange Tunisia

His job is his passion.. That is easy to understand!

5 years of collaboration with Mongi, many memories, a rich experience in learning and discovering. Apart from his profesional and artistic qualities, he is a good living man, always in a good mood and smiling. His job is his passion that is easy to understand.


Digital Communication Manager - Zitouna Bank

One of the most creative designer in Tunisia !

Mongi is one of the most mature, result driven, yet creative web designers I met in Tunisia. We worked togethor on a bench of innovative projects where he led the user experience and graphic design staff. I also recommend him as a team manager with a proven ability to align his collaborators on the customer constraints and goal.

Mansour AYOUNI

CEO at Lyria Systems

Mongi was a great asset to the agency.

His good humor, his ability to handle the various situations, his artistic touch of young Tunisian from the south, his guitar, his smile, while in him made that any collaboration would bring a nice rendering. The combination of his attitude, his expertise in design and his vision as an anti-conformist artist were his strength, which allowed him to find solutions that combine aesthetics and functionality and responded to the different briefs on which we worked. Mongi was a great asset to the agency. Good luck for the Man suite 🙂

Aymen Mazigh

Account Manager - Havas Worldwide Tunisia

Work Experience

Challenge taker, well organized, and passionate about digital, I do believe I help exceed the customer expectations and empower the competitive market position.

Actually, I’m an Art Director in one of most influential digital communication agencies in Tunisia / Algeria, Wezing.com. In the same time, I work as a digital communication consultant with Mourakiboun and other international foundations such us IFES, the International Foundation of Electoral Systems.

My main assets are creativity applied to visual branding, ability to deliver world-class designs under aggressive deadlines, and adaptation to diversification and seamless integration into multicultural context.

Wezign Agence Interactive Tunisia / Algeria
Art Director
2010-until now
Creative Art Director & Team leader
Senior Creative Designer
Senior Designer
Equinoxes, Keyrus Group
Motion Designer
Flash Animator