What can I do !

Let me tell you my story!

Born with an artistic soul that has developed from my childhood until today, and continues to grow. I traced a unique professional path full of challenges and in-depth research of UI / UX design techniques and reflexes.

I breathe web, iOS / Android mobile apps and digital communication.
My experience in this field spans more than 10 years in which I have worked with famous customers all over the world.

My main assets are creativity applied to visual branding, ability to deliver world-class designs under aggressive deadlines, and adaptation to diversification and seamless integration into multicultural context.


Users expect mobile applications to be well-designed, easy-to-use, efficient, and responsive to their usability behavior while searching for information. They are looking for the best applications that will provide the most positive and most important emotional impact that improves their daily lives.


Understanding how end-users interact with websites and online applications, how they think and what are the basics patterns of user’s behavior is the key for building good UI a/ UX interfaces.
I have gained a lot of experience designing and building many responsive websites, portals and facebook applications.

Logotype and Branding
The design of a logo requires creativity and originality in the design. A good analysis of the customer’s brief and their expectations is the key to starting a branding project on a solid foundation.
A logo is supposed to be something that sticks to everyone’s mind and tells a story through its shapes and colors.

Motion Design
Animation and motion design is in the heart of UI / UX. Placing graphic elements on an interface necessarily requires imagining them in motion. This reflection has developed in me skills in the creation of experimental videos mainly in 2D and in flat motion design.


On Behance, I am among the Top Five most appreciated profiles in Tunisia with almost 50,000 views.


I am awarded 32 times on uplabs and ranked 24th among more than 250,000 designers worldwide. Owyeah !


Creativity is a gift to be developed for an effective brand communication. This is the art of transforming innovative ideas from imagination to real cases.

UI / UX Design.

Designing a user interface experience requires special expertise to properly analyze the customer’s brief and be pro-active in relation to their expectations.


Building a logotype / branding is a multi-disciplinary, strategic effort every element needs to develop the overall business goals and messages.

Why Gmarellile ?

You are looking for someone who can enhance all values that you are trying to bring to your market and to appeal to your customers. I’m ready to start talking !
I’ll be grateful if you take a quick look at my Dribbble shots and my UI / UX projects and show some support me.